Smart Backpack Realme Adventurer Backpack

  • Travel the world in style
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Extra padded silk handle
  • 10kg load-bearing shoulder straps
  • Extra space for all your adventures
  • Safety buckle


Smart Backpack Realme Adventurer Backpack


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“Travel the World in Style”
The realme Adventurer Backpack uses a classic woven strap with a flip buckle design to create a fusion of military style utility
and fashion. The use of strong and lightweight material makes it a perfect companion for all your adventures.

“Tough by Design”

The realme Adventurer Backpack uses a 650D high-density British Oxford cotton, which is sturdy and lightweight It is also
IPX4 water resistant, which means the inside of the backpack is protected from the rain. So the next time you go hiking, you
have one less thing to worry about.

Extra Padded Silk

The handle of realme Adventurer Backpack adopts
thickened braided silk for a smoother and more
comfortable grip, allowing you to travel with ease.

10KG Load-bearing
Shoulder Straps

In order to improve your comfort, the straps of
realme Adventurer Backpack have been thickened,
and use the environmental friendly Pearl Cotton
material, which is moisture-proof, heat-dissipating.
and distributes the weight evenly.

“Extra Space for All Your Adventures!”

The backpack boasts a large 32L capacity which means you can carry all your belongings easily. The backpack also features a
separate laptop sleeve which can carry a 17-inch laptop. In addition, you also get an inner zipper bag and 2 small mesh bags,
which can carry an umbrella, a water bottle, clothes, cables and whatver you require in your travels.

Secure and Hassle-free

For those who love to travel solo, the realme Adventurer
Backpack comes with two critical features: the first is the
hook & loop buckle design, which keeps the backpack
secure from theft; and the second is the easily accessible
side-pockets which can store your essentials like power
bank and water bottle, and which you can easily access
without taking off the backpack.

 Side Zipperfor Easy Access

The side zipper is designed in such a way that makes

it possible for you to take out your laptop and get ready for work in a flash.

Special Trolley Strap

The trolley strap is specially designed for places like
the airport, where you are carrying extra luggage.
The strap makes it easy to hang the backpack on
your trolley bag. Free your shoulders and enjoy the
easy and convenient journey!


 Multifunctional Band

Hang your sunglasses, earphones, or portable
speakers camera on the multifunctional band to
make your hands free while hiking or trekking.

Safety Buckle

The side zipper adopts a unique semi-circular anti-
theft buckle design to enhance the security of your




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