Smartphone Realme X3 Superzoom

The realme X3 SuperZoom is equipped with 120Hz Ultra Smooth Display that truly is a feast for the eyes, to produce realistic and smooth visuals every time you touch the screen.



Smartphone Realme X3 Superzoom


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Explore the world with 60X Super Zoom.

The realme X3 SuperZoom camera system is equipped with a new periscope zoom lens, bringing you an all-new photography experience. It supports 0.5X to 60X wide zoom range so you can take in any view, whether it’s right in front of you or far away.

The realme X3 SuperZoom comes powered with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor that can easily handle multiple processes, such as playing games, launching heavy applications, editing photos, or watching high-definition movies.

Telescope? Go Periscope.

Good-bye digital cameras. Hello periscope zoom lens.

This periscope zoom lens is accompanied by an ultra wide-angle lens and the primary camera. It gives realme X3 SuperZoom focal length from 16 mm to 124 mm, equivalent to the smooth zoom from 0.5X to 60X zoom. Optical image stabilization (OIS) stabilizes the zoomed preview, making it easy to take sharp, clear photos, even from 100 meters away.


integrated camera.

Nightscape? Capture the whole starry sky.

Get closer to the Stars.

Light travels away from stars for several light years, before appearing in our night sky to become a subject of wonder for people. To record these twinkling beauties, realme has developed the Starry Mode exclusively. It utilizes AI algorithm combined with ultra-long exposure and multi-frame synthesis engine to intelligently enhance sharpness and color expression, giving you lit starry sky pictures.

Super Nightscape 4.0 has tailored two new creative features for photography enthusiasts.

Pro nightscape mode allows you to set ISO, WB, shutter speed, and focus distance, allowing you to experience joys of using manual mode.

Tripod mode intelligently provides 50 seconds of exposure time, allowing you to shoot photos featuring light trails and traffic streams.

AI Mode

For photography enthusiasts, Super Nightscape 4.0 also comes with AI Super Nightscape. It recognizes what is being captured and intelligently switches between Super and Ultra Nightscape Mode, giving you breathtaking night pictures every time.

Action camera? Experience the realme camera.

Become the next vlogging sensation. One smartphone is all you need.

The realme’s exclusive video UIS & UIS Max Ultra Image Stabilization technology uses smart AI algorithms and motion sensor data to eliminate shake in real time. This gives your phone the video stability to rival an action camera.

Need inspiration for your next vlog? Here it is!

Ultra Wide Video

UIS & UIS Max Video

SAT Smooth Zoom

Learn More

Video Bokeh Effect

Video Slo-motion


Just you? Or Group Selfie.


Dual In-display Selfies. More Ways to Selfie.


Unprecedented performance. Blazing speed!

Snapdragon 855+ Mobile Platform Powerful & Rapid

The realme X3 SuperZoom is equipped with the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ mobile platform and uses the industry’s most advanced 7 nm FinFET process technology. It clocks up to 2.96 GHz, providing super powerful performance and letting you run heavy games and applications smoothly.

UFS 3.0 Boost1500MB/s Speed


Read Speed*


Write speed*

The realme X3 SuperZoom is equipped with UFS 3.0 Boost ROM and realme’s exclusive HPB & Turbo Writer technology, which can increase the theoretical read speed to 1500MB/s for faster app launches. *

Liquid Cooling System 12.5% Reductionin Temperature

The newly upgraded liquid cooling system has 100% effective coverage of internal heat sources. The vapor cooling tube is made of large 8 mm diameter copper tube, increasing the heat dissipation area by 176.9% and the heat dissipation volume to 410 mm³. As a result, the core temperature is greatly reduced to maintain performance and speed. *

30W Dart Charge

100% Charge in 55mins

The realme X3 SuperZoom is equipped with 30W Dart Charge for the first time – a unique low-voltage and high-current solution. Dart Charge will charge your phone four times faster than standard chargers. The new and improved battery significantly increases charging speed by 30%. Get fully charged in the blink of an eye! *

120 Hz Ultra Smooth Display, Feel the speed.

The realme X3 SuperZoom is equipped with 120Hz Ultra Smooth Display that truly is a feast for the eyes, to produce realistic and smooth visuals every time you touch the screen.

Arctic White

A snow and ice-covered landmass, illuminated by the sun in a blue sky, reflecting kaleidoscopic colors from its surface.

Glacier Blue

An iceberg floating on the surface of the ocean, flowing into the rich marine blue as the temperature rises.

3D Quad-curved Glass Leading anti-glare technology


The realme X3 SuperZoom uses high precision abrasive etching technology for industry-leading anti-glare fingerprint-proof glass. This gives an unprecedented level of finesse and uniformity to the surface, which is both visually balanced and smooth to the touch.

Game Space

Game Assistant

Tactile Engine

The linear motor of Tactile Engine brings power and a very textured vibration experience to the realme X3 SuperZoom, giving you a smooth, comfortable and more immersive experience while gaming and chatting with friends.

Side Fingerprint

The capacitive fingerprint recognition system is integrated within the power button and requires a real fingerprint, providing a more secure and responsive fingerprint unlock.

Dual-frequency GPS


The integrated dual-frequency GPS positioning system adds another connection channel between the smartphone and satellite, greatly improving the accuracy and speed of navigation in cities.

· All data on this page are from realme lab and the official website of realme suppliers.

· UFS 3.0 Boost 1500MB/s data is obtained from realme lab and AndroBench tests; The Read&Write Speed promotion data is from the realme lab, and the comparison object is UFS 2.1 dual-channel.

· Snapdragon 855 + Mobile Platform comes from Qualcomm’s official website; The 517,743 run score was obtained by the realme lab, using the version of Antutu V8.3.4. The performance improvement data of CPU&GPU are from the realme laboratory, and the comparison object is realme X2.

· The test data of Liquid Cooling are from the realme lab. The test results are subject to reasonable deviations due to different test environments, test methods and testinstruments. Please refer to the actual product.

· The charging data are from the realme lab. The test results are due to different test environments, test methods and test instruments. Please refer to the actual product.








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